Coronavirus | 28 deaths in capital due to COVID-19

Mortality rate continued to soar in Thiruvananthapuram district that attributed 28 deaths to COVID-19 on Tuesday. The death toll jumped to 1,043, the highest in the State by a distance.

The deaths, which occurred in the period from April 30 to May 3, were of people who were aged between 79 and 30. The districtโ€™s case fatality ratio (CFR) stood at 0.66.

The death toll rose by 72 during the last five days. In terms of death count, Kozhikode came second with 651, while Kannur trailed in CFR at 0.44.

The district recorded 3,388 COVID-19 fresh cases on the day, taking the active caseload to 29,689. A total of 1,989 people recovered from the illness during the last 24 hours. The test positivity rate stood at 23.8 with 14,230 people were subjected to tests. Thirteen health care workers were among those who tested positive.

As many as 78,868 people were currently undergoing quarantine in the district.


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