Coronavirus: Are two masks better than one? Here’s what CDC recommends | The Times of India

While there are a number of designer options available today, the most important thing to check with any mask is its fit, material, quality and breathability.

CDC guidelines also recommend people to take the following checks:

– Try layering a cloth mask over a surgical mask. This will reduce loopholes or gaps for the virus to enter, and would give your double-mask a comfortable and protective feel.

– Do not layer two disposable masks over one another.

– Use a layered cloth mask if possible. Try holding your cloth mask under a light. If it is able to block the light, it means the fabric is good enough to be used.

Using masks which have a nose pin, or bands at either hand, which will give a snug fit is also recommended. At the same time, using masks with additional valves, vents or filters may not work, since they can easily facilitate the entry of coronavirus.

The CDC also recommends that while wearing a double mask, the outer cloth mask should push the edges of the surgical mask against your face.


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