Coronavirus: Can COVID-19 immunity last beyond six months for patients? | The Times of India

It has been largely presumed that patients who fight COVID gain antibodies, however, which start to wane after a while. The most cited confirmation came from a July-based King’s College Study which found that patients who suffered from COVID experienced a drop in antibody count after 3-4 months time.

However, in a striking piece of information which throws new light at the situation, a team of researchers from Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Rockefeller University, New York, have found that rather than depleting entirely, the virus-fighting antibodies become more potent and capable of fighting any mutations and virulent strains of SARS-COV-2.

While the study is yet to be peer-reviewed, initial reports suggest that the immune pathology of COVID recovered patients is ‘well-equipped’ to recognize and fight off any virus upon exposure in the future.

“The really good news is that people who are infected are very unlikely to become sick again for at least six months,” one of the leading authors in the study, immunologist Michel Nussenzweig said.

Not only is the study under question backed with evidence, but it may also be another green light we have in our fight against COVID-19 and resume life back to normalcy.


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