Coronavirus | Govt. move to help students cope with COVID-19-induced stress

Universities asked to set up counselling cells with qualified psychology professors

Like every other sector, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, its rapid spread, and the subsequent lockdown has hit the morale of the student community like never before.

The young learners have been facing enormous stress that has a deep psychological impact on them. With their careers at stake, they have been going through an emotional turmoil.

To help them deal with the COVID-19-induced stress, the Department of Higher Education has asked all government universities in the State to establish counselling cells on their respective campuses. Qualified psychology professors will be engaged to help the students regain confidence.

โ€œWe have noticed that a lot of students are worried about their future, as they think that COVID-19 will ruin their chances of being successful. Some of them also carry the baggage of other forms of stress due to the lockdown,โ€ said Satish Chandra, Special Chief Secretary, Department of Higher Education.

He said mental health was as important as physical health for a student, especially for those who aimed to do well in life.

โ€œThis initiative is aimed at helping them overcome their mental hurdles and come back to their original form, and strive to achieve their target. We want to tell them that their careers are not in peril, and that the government will stand by them in this difficult phase,โ€ he said.


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