Coronavirus Misinformation Spread By 8th Pass Worker In Uttar Pradesh Firozabad | 8th pass laborer in Firozabad was spreading rumors about corona vaccine, sent to jail on complaint of health department team

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When the health department was working on the vaccine, the young man started a ruckus.

The matter is of Nagla religion of police station Sirsaganj area. Where the Health Department team went to the village for corona vaccination. The team was applying the vaccine while making people aware. Then the youth of the village came there. At first he refused vaccination. After this, he also scuffled with the team of the Health Department, as well as spreading rumors among the people present there regarding the vaccine. On the complaint of the Health Department team, the youth has been sent to jail.

8th pass laborer

The youth who talked to the Health Department team about the vaccine is Prem Singh, 8th pass. He is a laborer by profession. Prem Singh said that I know that people are getting sick by getting the vaccine. Not only this, he said that I am aware that people are dying due to getting the vaccine. When the health department team stopped him from spreading such rumours, he started scuffles. In such a situation, the team of the Health Department called the police on the spot.

Sent to jail till June 24

The police who reached the spot also tried to convince the young man. Not only this, after seeing the debate, people who came to get the vaccine on the spot also started leaving, then the police caught the accused youth and presented him before the magistrate. Where SDM Sirsaganj sent the accused to jail till June 24. In this matter, DM Chandravijay says that do not pay attention to the rumours. There are no side effects of getting the vaccine. Be alert from rumor mongers and inform the police about such people. The work will be done to send the rumor mongers to jail.

Vaccine is being opposed in the village of UP

Vaccine is still being opposed in many villages of UP due to lack of awareness. Somewhere sticks are being used to drive away health workers, and somewhere sick people are shown to kill them. Recently, about 200 people of the village jumped into the river after seeing the team that reached a village in Barabanki to apply the vaccine.

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