Coronavirus Omicron Precautions: If COVID-19 vaccines fail to prevent an Omicron infection, what should we do to stay safe

Reportedly, preliminary research suggests that COVID-19 vaccines administered in most countries offer insufficient or no defence against the highly infectious Omicron variant. However, it was found that the existing vaccines seemed to provide protection against severe Omicron illness.

While Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, when supported by a third booster dose, showed some success at preventing infections from Omicron, unfortunately, these two mRNA vaccines are not available in most countries.

On the contrary, coronavirus vaccines developed by AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson Janssen and in China and Russia are said to do little to nothing to prevent Omicron infection. This, according to the researchers, could not only pose a great threat to the most vulnerable in society, but also cause more variants to emerge in the future.


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