Coronavirus Second Wave Symptoms in Kids: Is the second COVID wave more dangerous for kids? Signs and symptoms to know

A report in Harvard Health mentions that kids can suffer from many repercussions due to the virus- some may get no symptoms (be asymptomatic) or develop fewer symptoms. Those with chronic immunity problems may also suffer from complications of MIS-C.

The classic signs of coronavirus remain to be a fever, headache, cough and cold.

However, as cases now emerge, it is being advised that any unusual development or symptom should not be ruled out and demands to test. Kids can sometimes also showcase signs different to those of adults. These signs, however, right now demand attention and diagnosis at once:

-Persistent fever

-Skin rashes, COVID toes

-Bloodshot eyes

-Bad body pain, joint aches

-Nausea, abdominal cramps and gastrointestinal complaints

-Red, cracked lips or bluish tint on face and lips


-Sleepiness, fatigue and lethargy

COVID-19 can also affect babies and infants. While it can be troubling to detect signs in little ones, broadly, here are some of the signs to check:

-Mottled skin

-High temperature

-Fussiness, loss of appetite


-Muscle pain

-Swollen lips and skin

-Lesions and blister outbreaks


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