Coronavirus snatches Dileep Kumar’s two brothers, announces wife Saira – won’t celebrate wedding anniversary this year

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96-year-old Dilip Kumar and 76-year-old Saira Banu married on 11 October 1966.

Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu will be married for 54 years on October 11. But the couple have decided not to celebrate their wedding anniversary this time. The reason for this year is the absence of Dilip Saheb’s two younger brothers Ahsan and Aslam by a difference of just 13 days.

Saira wrote- October 11 is the most beautiful day of my life

Announcing not to celebrate the anniversary, Saira wrote on Twitter, “October 11 is always the most beautiful day of my life. Dilip sahab married me on this day and made my dreams come true. This year we don’t celebrate You all know that we have lost our two brothers Ahsan Bhai and Aslam Bhai. “

Saira wrote in the next tweet, “The upheaval caused by the Kovid-19 epidemic has taken away many lives and left many families sad. In the present circumstances we appeal to all our friends that each other Let’s pray for safety and to be healthy. May God be with us all. Be safe. “

Ahsan and Aslam died due to coronavirus

Both Dilip Saheb’s brothers Ahsan and Aslam have died of coronavirus. Both were taken to Lilavati Hospital on 15 August due to shortness of breath and reduced oxygen level. On August 21, 88-year-old Aslam passed away and then on September 2, 90-year-old Ahsan passed away.


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