Coronavirus spread is slow in State, says study

ICMR-NIN completes second round sero-epidemiological survey in three districts of Telangana

The ICMR-National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) which has carried out the second round of sero-epidemiological survey to monitor the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 infection in the general population in three districts of Telangana has come to the conclusion that the spread of virus is occurring at a ‘slow pace’.

This could be because of “appropriate measures taken, however, a large number of people are ‘still susceptible to the COVID-19 infection’, hence, the appropriate protection measures like ‘wearing of mask, personal hygiene and social distancing’ should be continued,” it said.

The second round of SARS Cov-2 sero-prevalence study had revealed that there were 83 positive (SARS Cov 2 IgG antibodies), out of 454 people tested in Jangaon (18.2%) as against 0.5% in the first round carried out during May 2020. In Nalgonda, 47 were positive (11.1%) out of 422 people tested, as against only 0.25% in the first round. Similarly in Kamareddy district 30 (6.9%) were positive out of 433 people tested as against 0.25% in the first round indicating the slow pace.

The study is part of the nation-wide survey being spearheaded by ICMR and the baseline survey was conducted in the above mentioned districts of Telangana and the second one too was carried out during 26-27 August in the same districts and same villages. As per the ICMR guidelines, 10 villages/wards were selected in each district and from each selected village ward, about 16 households were selected randomly for the study. All the available subjects ≥10 year’s males and females from the selected houses were covered for the survey.

The study was carried out by NIN in association with the Telangana Department of Health and Family Welfare. The State health authorities were also actively supported to ensure smooth conducting of house-to-house survey in 30 villages across three districts with about 1,309 subjects covered.

ICMR-NIN’s scientist and nodal officer Avula Laxmaiah conducted the survey with support of other senior scientists B. Dinesh Kumar, N.Arlappa, J.J. Babu, and other 50 scientific/technical staff, participated in the survey. From the Government side — Health Secretary Syed Ali MurtazRaizvi, Finance Secretary Ronald Rose and TB programme Joint Director Rajesham and others played a key role.


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