Coronavirus symptoms: Chills, headache, muscle ache are the newest COVID symptoms, according to a UK study | The Times of India

According to a survey and analysis done by a team of researchers from Imperial College London on a million COVID-19 cases reported between June 2020-January 2021, not only is the virus mutating, but it is also presenting newer symptoms, apart from the classic signs.

Till now, the three classic signs of COVID-19 have been thought to be a low-grade fever, persisting cough and sore throat and loss of sense of smell/taste.

However, as the cases continue to spread, the way people have been experiencing symptom onset has also changed. The survey, which has been done by REACT (Real-time Assessment of Community Transmission) team at the Imperial College London, has found that newer symptoms of the virus, including chills, appetite loss, headache, muscle pain are now being more commonly reported.


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