Coronavirus: This could be the most dangerous car behaviour amid COVID-19 | The Times of India

According to the study, the place where a person sits in a car can be a factor for COVID transmission risk as well.

Research models suggest that if a car has two people sitting inside- one driving, and one at the back (on the opposite side of the driver’s seat), it would make for the maximum distance which could restrict COVID spread. People sitting right next to the driver, or at the back have a possibly higher risk of catching COVID-19 if any exposure is to happen.

Apart from this, studies have also indicated that the air inside a car usually enters through the back windows and exits out of the front, since the air pressure near the back generally tends to be at the higher side, which again, may have a say in determining your COVID risk inside a car.

For passengers hitching a ride, sitting in the back seat of the car would be the safest and the most ideal.

This is also a factor to consider when one is sharing car rides, or opting to travel in a cab during the current times.


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