Coronavirus updates | Worldwide COVID-19 death toll tops a staggering 3 million

The global death toll from the coronavirus topped a staggering 3 million people amid repeated setbacks in the worldwide vaccination campaign and a deepening crisis in India, Brazil, and France, among other places.

And the true number is believed to be significantly higher because of possible government concealment and the many cases overlooked in the early stages of the outbreak that began in Wuhan, China, at the end of 2019.

You can track coronavirus cases, deaths and testing rates at the national and State levels here. A list of State Helpline numbers is available as well.

Here are the latest updates:


Mumbai cops grill pharma director over ‘excess’ Remdesivir stock; BJP fumes

Mumbai police questioned a pharma company director over alleged excess stock of the Remdesivir drug and allowed him to leave after he produced necessary documents, a police official said on Sunday.

“He had stocked at least 60,000 vials. The State and central governments had allowed him to sell the stock, originally meant for export, in the domestic market due to scarcity of the drug used to treat coronavirus patients,” the police official said.

The opposition BJP in Maharashtra objected to the pharma executive’s grilling by Mumbai police, saying the Shiv Sena-led government in the State was playing politics amid the pandemic. – PTI


Mayor claims ‘more COVID deaths’ took place than reported by Delhi govt.

More deaths from COVID-19 took place on Friday according to municipal records vis-a-vis the figures reported by the city government, North Delhi Mayor Jai Prakash claimed on Saturday.

According to the official data shared by the health department, 141 fatalities were reported on April 16.

The North Delhi mayor, however, claimed that the “death count from COVID-19 was 193 on Friday”.

“According to cremations and burials performed of COVID-19 victims, the number of fatalities stands at 193,” he claimed.

In civic areas across Delhi, 300 platforms have been reserved for COVID victims, he said. – PTI


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