Coronavirus vaccine: 7 participants disqualified from Oxford phase III trials, here are factors that are considered | The Times of India

However, even though some groups are running ‘short’ of volunteers, there are others who are not accepted into phase III trials. Oxford-AstraZeneca, which is one of the most promising vaccine candidates is running phase III trials in India as ‘Covishield’. While the testing is seeing an active response from the public, recent reports have suggested that at least seven participants have been found ineligible for vaccine testing, as the Serum Institute of India began phase III testing at a government facility in Pune.

According to an agency report, the volunteers in question were disqualified because of medical reasons and would be screened again this week.

“All seven candidates who were selected on Monday have become ineligible due to various medical reasons, including antibody test coming positive for some…Some more candidates have been screened today (Tuesday) and if their results in the antibody and COVID-19 tests are negative and if they are eligible on other medical grounds, they will be administered vaccine candidate..”

It should be noted that while volunteers, in any trial have the option to opt-out or leave the trial at any time, there are specific guidelines as to who can enrol for the trial, be tested on, followed globally.


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