Coronavirus vaccine: COVID-19 vaccination opens up for senior citizens, select people over 45, here’s what you can expect | The Times of India

Vaccination is also being offered to people with bad comorbidities. However, people over 45 years old are subject to conditions, and may even require a doctor’s reference for vaccination.

Right now, the list of comorbidities covered right now includes the ones who have one of these conditions:

-Heart failure with hospitalization in the past year

-Cancer diagnosis/treatment in the last 2 years

-Cardiac transplant/dysfunction/ heart disease/coronary artery disease

-Congenital heart disease

-Hypertension/diabetes (for a persisting time, with treatment going on)

-CT/MRI and documented stroke risk

-Kidney/ Liver/ Hematopoietic stem cell transplant: Recipient/On wait-list

-Ones who are on immunosuppressant medications/ corticosteroids.

-Decompensated cirrhosis

-Severe respiratory disease with hospitalisations in last two years/FEV1<50%

-Lymphoma/ Leukaemia/ Myeloma

-Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases/ HIV infection

-Those who have an intellectual disability/ multiple disabilities/muscular atrophy/requiring high support.

According to reports, people suffering from neurological disorders, who are at the risk of respiratory complications will also be prioritized for the shot. Additional protocols for the same will be released soon.


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