Coronavirus vaccine for 15+: Should you get your child vaccinated for COVID-19? What are the possible side effects? | The Times of India

At present getting your kids vaccinated against COVID-19 is the best way to protect them from infectious diseases. Looking at the impact of the coronavirus on the healthcare system and the number of lives it has claimed across the globe, vaccination seems the only way to cut down the risk of infection. Moreover, the virus is continuously mutating, posing challenges to our immunity and health. Vaccination may not provide 100 per cent protection, but it can reduce the risk of developing severe symptoms and cut down the risk of hospitalisation and fatality. The second wave of the coronavirus, caused by the Delta variant, has proved that children are not the only carriers of the virus, as was believed earlier. They can develop severe symptoms and may suffer from post-infection complications. Keeping these points in mind, getting the jab is the best and only way to keep your little ones safe from the highly contagious virus.


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