Coronavirus vaccine: Strangest side-effects of COVID-19 vaccine discovered so far

By now, we do know about a possible list of side-effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Fever, chills, muscle aches, pain at the injection site and experiencing a sort of malaise can be common after-effects of getting vaccinated- and the ones you should be prepared for.

However, with more and more people receiving experimental shots, the list of symptoms continues to rise. For example, attention is now being drawn towards some โ€˜strangeโ€™, unusual side-effects which can be recorded with the vaccine.

What exactly causes these symptoms after a vaccine jab is unknown, nonetheless, itโ€™s important to be aware at this point of the newer, less common symptoms which can happen, especially if you are sensitive or at the risk of an allergic reaction to the vaccine. We discuss some of them here:


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