Coronavirus vaccine: What do we know about severe reactions and side-effects to COVID-19 vaccines? | The Times of India

While anybody can experience side-effects with the vaccine, the single biggest threat emerges for those who may be allergic to a vaccine, or have had a bad experience with vaccination in the past.

Allergies usually develop when the body reacts to histamine, which is released as a reaction to the body’s immune response.

However, the problem exists since not a lot of people know if at all they are allergic, or have complications which put them at risk.

Even though vaccine allergy can be harder to identify, researchers have long believed that the ones who have any sort of reactions in the past to any vaccine injection, or have an allergic sensitivity to ingredients like gelatin or egg protein (which are also commonly used in the development of vaccines) may want to steer clear of vaccines right now.

Therefore, if you have any pre-existing issues, and CAN afford to wait out vaccination, it would be wise to skip a turn and get your shot later. Checking in with your doctor, educating yourself about the ingredients in your vaccine (to check whether or not you are more suitable for it) will also help you make an informed decision


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