Coronavirus vaccine: Women more likely to suffer COVID-19 vaccine side-effects, here’s why | The Times of India

If you are a woman bound to get a COVID-19 vaccine shot, don’t be afraid of suffering from extreme reactions.

However, if you are a little sensitive and have lower pain tolerance, it might be helpful to prepare yourself beforehand and manage any symptoms you may experience.

For example, swelling, pain at the injection site, stiffness can be managed by using hot/cold therapy or taking some mild pain relievers. High temperatures, though uncommon can also be brought down using antipyretic medicines or natural fever relievers.

As for the symptoms like chills, fatigue, ample rest and recovery are the only proven methods to resume back normalcy of life. Therefore, postpone appointments, and swear off stressful activities until 2-3 days after getting the vaccine. The more stressed you are, the more likely are you to experience bad side-effects.

Be sure to drink adequate water, eat well and stretch around to energize the body.


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