Court had convicted in illegal arms case, now Peshkar has given Tahrir to register FIR against the minister. Court had convicted in the illegal arms case, now the court’s presenter gave a complaint to the minister to file an FIR

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Cabinet Minister Rakesh Sachan.

You will be surprised to know that the cabinet ministers of Uttar Pradesh government escaped with the file as soon as they were convicted from the court in the case of illegal arms possession. The court was about to sentence the minister, but with the help of a lawyer, he escaped with the file. Late in the evening, a complaint has been given by the court to the Kotwali police station for registering an FIR against the minister. The Joint Commissioner of Police said that an FIR will be registered after investigation in the matter.

Kanpur Court entrance.

FIR will be registered after investigation for the first time on court’s complaint

Rakesh Sachan, a resident of Kanpur Kidwai Nagar, is an MLA from Bhognipur Vidhan Sabha of Kanpur Dehat. Along with this is the Minister of MSME, Khadi, Village Industries, Sericulture and Textiles. The Kanpur court had a date on Saturday in the case of possession of illegal arms against him. Minister Rakesh Sachan reached ACMM-3 Court on the second floor with lawyers on Saturday afternoon. The decision was to come in the illegal arms case registered in Naubasta police station 31 years ago.

The court first heard the arguments of both the sides and convicted the MSME minister. Prosecution officer Richa Gupta requested the court to give maximum punishment in the case. Instead of debating the sentence, the minister’s counsel demanded time from the court. The court refused to grant time. Due to the conviction, the lobby of lawyers who came with the minister started a ruckus. Due to this the judicial officers went to their chambers. It is alleged that in the meantime the minister’s lawyer asked for the file and minister Rakesh Sachan escaped with a copy of the order.

Due to the matter being related to the cabinet minister of the ruling party, the lawyer of the minister and the staff of the court did not open his mouth at first. Everyone remained silent about the whole matter. Court late in the evening On the order of the court, the court reader Kamini has filed a complaint against the minister in the Kotwali police station. After this, Joint Police Commissioner Anand Prakash Tiwari told that the order of investigation of the court’s complaint has been given to ACP Kotwali Ashok Kumar Singh. An FIR will be registered in the matter after the investigation report is received.

Minister’s hearing was in the case of illegal arms

On August 13, 1991, a case was registered against Rakesh Sachan, the cabinet minister of UP (Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) under the Arms Act by the then Naubasta police station chief, Brijmohan Udeniya. The police had found a rifle from Rakesh Sachan. It was alleged that student leader Upendra Sachan was murdered in Naubasta with the same rifle.

In the same case, the hearing was to be held on Saturday in the court of Out-3 Alok Yadav. Rakesh Sachan reached the court on his appearance in the morning. But due to his deteriorating health, an application for apology was given on behalf of his advocate in the court. After that he returned.

Membership of the assembly will be snatched and the ministry will also go

If the court sentences the cabinet minister Rakesh Sachan in the case, then his membership of the assembly will be cancelled. After this his ministry will also go away. Not only this, the entire BJP government has stood in the dock for running away with the punishment file from the minister’s court. Due to this, efforts are being made to manage Rakesh Sachan’s case from the government level. Due to this, instead of registering an FIR, even after receiving the complaint from the court, Joint Police Commissioner Anand Prakash Tiwari has set up an investigation instead of registering an FIR.

This punishment can be for possessing illegal weapons

A case has been registered against MSME Minister Rakesh Sachan under sections 20, 25 and 30 of the Arms Act. It is alleged that he was roaming around illegally possessing and carrying another’s weapon without a license. The punishment in the case can be imprisonment up to three years and fine. It may be mentioned that if the court also sentences two years in this case, then the membership of the assembly of Rakesh Sachan will be canceled.

Criminal history of minister Rakesh Sachan.

Criminal history of minister Rakesh Sachan.

Cabinet minister has a long criminal history

There are not one or two but half dozen cases of serious sections registered against the cabinet minister. All these cases are pending in the court. CBI has filed an FIR against Rakesh Sachan for cheating. Which is under consideration in CBI Lucknow Special Court. Along with this, two cases in Kanpur Kotwali Arms Act, 1996 trial in Ghatampur in other serious sections including attempt to murder, FIR in other serious sections including threatening to kill in Kotwali police station, vandalism in Jehanabad and threatening to kill In other serious sections including FIR, six cases including FIR are registered against Rakesh Sachan. All these cases are pending in the court.

Rakesh Sachan attended the program of 'Provincial Industries Association' in Panki Industrial Area.

Rakesh Sachan attended the program of ‘Provincial Industries Association’ in Panki Industrial Area.

Attended public hearing and program after absconding

Cabinet minister Rakesh Sachan reached his assembly constituency directly after absconding with the form of the order from the court. Heard public problems by going among the public. After this, in the evening attended the program organized by ‘Provincial Industries Association’ at Panki Industrial Area, Kanpur.

Minister kept misleading all day

The conviction against minister Rakesh Sachan was proved in the court for illegal arms. After this, before the sentencing, he fled with the file from the court. On taking information in the matter, minister Rakesh Sachan and his advocate Avinash Katiyar were talked to in the afternoon, both of them lied. Both the people said that there was a court appearance, but due to poor health, they have asked for a further date by giving an application, but in the evening, when a complaint was filed by the court at the Kotwali police station, the entire raw box was opened.

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