Court rejects Manjeswaram MLA Kamaruddin’s bail plea

The court also ruled that granting bail at an early stage would affect the investigation of the case as he was an influential person.

The Hosdurg First Class Magistrate court rejected the bail application filed by the Manjeswaram MLA M.C. Kamaruddin, who is accused in the Fashion Gold jewellery investment scam.

MLA’s advocate C K Sreedharan had contended that sections 420, 406, 409 of the IPC do not exist against Mr. Kamaruddin. He had pointed out that even the victims had not complained that Mr. Kamaruddin had committed a criminal offense.

The main argument of the respondent was that the police had remanded Mr. Kamaruddin under sections 420, 406 and 409 for political purposes. But the prosecution strongly opposed that argument.

The government had told the court that the case against Kamaruddin could not be dismissed. The prosecution claimed that Mr. Kamaruddin is the mastermind behind the scam. Many people have lost their money due to widespread fraud in the name of jewellery, the prosecution argued.

The prosecution had pointed out that after 2017, the company did not inform the registrar of anything related to the institution. Mr. Kamaruddin and others have been investing since the company closed in August 2017, even in the sixth month of 2019. Therefore, the prosecution argued that the owners of the establishment were making a move aimed at committing fraud.

Considering these arguments, the Hosdurg Magistrate’s Court rejected the bail application in the three cases against Mr. Kamaruddin. The court also ruled that granting bail at an early stage would affect the investigation of the case as he was an influential person.

With Special Investigation team registering the arrest in 11 new cases, the number of cases in which Mr. Kamaruddin has been arrested has risen to 25. The SIT has submitted the court to register arrests in more cases. A two-day custody application was also filed.

However, legal experts said that he would not be remanded in custody immediately as he had been remanded in custody for two days.

Mr. Kamaruddin’s remand is being extended as he has been arrested several times in more cases. Mr. Kamaruddin ‘s lawyers are planning to approach the high court as there is low possibility of a bail. Meantime, the first accused Pookoya Thangal is still absconding.


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