crime bulletin; crime latest video news 25 feb 2021 | In Bhopal, a miscreant strangled a road friend, murdered a student 50 meters away from the police station in Panipat.

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17 minutes ago

The attacker strangled a friend on the middle road
In Bhopal, a miscreant killed a friend by strangling him on the middle road. The attacker first stabbed his friend’s throat with a knife and then hit his stomach. The incident took place near PGBT College in Gautamnagar area of โ€‹โ€‹the city. Accused Nadeem Bacha, along with his accomplices Faizan and Syed, committed the incident. The person killed in the incident was named Saadab Poisonous.

11th student murdered 50 meters from police station
Nearly 50 meters from the city police station of Panipat near the bus stand, 8-10 youths killed the 11th student by throwing a sua (sharp weapon) into his chest. He was also beaten fiercely. Sagar Kundu, a 17-year-old resident of Kalwa village in Jind, lived with his mother in the Mukhija Colony in Model Town. He came to the Black Door Cafe near a bus stand with a friend. Sagar’s friend was in dispute with some youths. Those young men also came there. In an attempt to save the friend, the accused killed Sagar.

400 year old statue stolen from temple
The thief stole the idols of Ashtadhatu from the Narsingh temple in Indore. Among the stolen statues is a 400 year old Narasimha lord statue. Apart from 10 small and big idols, copper and brass utensils have also been stolen. The temple is in the Pandharinath police station area. Temple manager Tara Devi told that before the incident, the thief had latch from outside his room.

The crooks stole the bike in 15 seconds
In Kishorpura police station area of โ€‹โ€‹Kota, the rogue escaped in two hours with two bikes. Both incidents occurred at a distance of only 500 meters. Two miscreants committed bike theft incidents in Ballabh Nagar. The miscreants raked the street for two and a half minutes. Seeing the opportunity, the bike parked outside the house opened the lock in just 15 seconds and escaped with it. The second incident took place in Sindhi Colony, 500 meters from Ballabh Nagar. Both incidents were captured in CCTV.

Person shot in minor dispute
One person was shot in Gurgaon. The man, who is said to be the operator of Earth Movers Group, is under treatment in the hospital after he was seriously injured after firing in the hip, shoulder and legs. The police have registered a case against the two brothers accused of the attack. The incident is related to Bhondsi police station area. Surjit, a resident of Kadarpur, has told that he works for laying and leveling soil in house plots. He put five tractors of soil in Satish’s plot. When the JCB arrived at the plot to label, Manjeet and his brother came there and started arguing with them about shutting down the machine. Manjeet caught Surjeet and his brother started slapping, then brought out the pistol from the car and fired straight away.

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