Crime: Five girls imprisoned for four girls forcing a RKDF college student to commit suicide

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In the present time, due to ragging, many promising children, who enter the university or college with bright dreams of the future, but end their lives as a result of harassment of ragging. Due to which the dreams of his family with those children also end.

While making the remarks, Judge Amit Ranjan Samadhiya sentenced four girls Nidhi, Deepti, Keerti and Devanshi to five years in jail and fine in the case of suicide of ragging victim Anita Sharma at RKDF College.

The four girls were detained and sent to Central Jail soon after the verdict of Judge Amit Ranjan Samadhiya. Public prosecutor Mohammad Khalid Qureshi pleaded in this case. This is the first time in the capital when four girls were convicted together in a ragging case and they were sentenced. The court acquitted the accused teacher Manish due to lack of evidence.

Case at a glance

On the night of August 6, 2013, Anita, a B-Pharma second year student at RKDF College, committed suicide by hanging herself after being fed up with the torture of ragging for a year and a half. She had only a seven-year-old niece in the house at the time of the incident. Kamla Nagar Police received a suicide note from the room. In which he wrote the talk of committing suicide by accusing four senior college students of ragging. When Anita told the college teacher Manish about ragging, Manish advised Anita to keep quiet instead of taking action. Anita lived in Jeevan Vihar Society flat number 611. Her father was a licensing officer in a private company in Mumbai. Before the incident, Anita had also told her elder sister Sarita about ragging by four girls.

Judge Amit Ranjan Samadhiya wrote in the judgment ……….

The court has written in the judgment that ragging literally means to scold or torture. It was started to increase the affinity of junior students among university students, but gradually the meaning of ragging started changing and it has taken the form of terror in the present. Students are not as concerned about getting admission in a college as they are about facing ragging on getting admission. In most of the cases, the victims do not take initiative and do not register cases against the guilty students. In the present time, due to ragging, many promising children who enter the university or college with bright dreams of the future, but end their lives as a result of torture of ragging, thereby ending their family’s dreams with the said children. . The judge wrote that as a result of the increasing ragging incidents in the present, the punishment should be so much that other people get scared thinking about its consequences before committing such an act and someone who enters any school or college with dreams about their future If he does, then do not be motivated to commit suicide except in those dreams.

Anita’s suicide note

I am committing suicide due to ragging, burning me in a pink suit…. Anita while addressing her parents wrote in a suicide note that ‘Mom and dad I love you’. Do not miss me Brother is going to cry you the most, be cause your best friend is going. I can neither become dirty, nor strong. Burn me in a pink suit. Father, I know that I have been your favorite. Wanted to earn a lot of money by reading and writing a big house. ‘I am a B-Pharma Second Year student at Anita Sharma RKDF College. Ever since I came to college, I have been ragging. These four girls are very dirty. I know how I faced them for a year. He even wrote me a copy of Mid Sam. On his complaint, Manish sir told me that to stay in college, seniors have to obey.

(Report of Kirti Gupta)


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