Crores of rupees like water shed in papers in Kanpur countryside, waiting for rain to water the Adarsh ​​pond | Crores of rupees like water shed on paper in Kanpur countryside, waiting for rain to water Adarsh ​​pond

Kanpur Dehat31 minutes ago

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Dried pond.

In Kanpur Dehat of Uttar Pradesh, despite spending crores due to the neglect of the district administration and responsibilities, there is a water crisis in the Adarsh ​​ponds of MNREGA, whereas last year 3343 ponds were marked with availability of water in 7037 ponds in the district.

Out of these, the district administration was talking about the availability of water in 500 ponds at all times and information was also given about the facility of filling water from canals and government tube wells in 1115 ponds and there was no means of filling water in 1728 ponds. Was also with the district administration, but due to the neglect of the responsibilities, at present, the Adarsh ​​pond and most of the other ponds prepared under MNREGA in Kanpur countryside have dried up and are eagerly waiting for the rains.

Model ponds were built at a cost of 25 crores
Adarsh ​​ponds were built in Kanpur countryside under MGNREGA scheme in the year 2009-10 in 307 and in 2010-11 in 305 gram panchayats at a cost of about 25 crores. At that time, ladders, shady plants, benches and wire fencing were installed around the ponds, but Adarsh ​​ponds have become a victim of plight at this time. The condition of Adarsh ​​ponds has gone from bad to worse due to non-availability of water in Adarsh ​​pond of Bairi village of Kanpur Dehat Amraudha, Rajpur and Derapur and Maitha blocks. The situation has deteriorated to such a degree that where there should have been water, there is a drought and people have been walking up to Kande in the Adarsh ​​pond of Mithleshpur Bevan of Akbarpur block.

Officer said, investigation will be done
D.C. MGNREGA Harishchandra of Kanpur Dehat informed that the information that is being received about the model ponds built in the past in the district will be investigated and effective action will be taken and full security arrangements will also be made.

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