Crossed while looking at the coil, making an excuse of not liking the design. Crossed while looking at the coil, pretending not to like the design

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In the Beniganj area of โ€‹โ€‹Hardoi, women have thrown gold coils into the eyes of bullion traders in broad daylight. Women came to the shop on the pretext of buying coils. Who crossed a pair of coils while watching the coils. And after executing the incident, she ran away from there.

When the shopkeeper kept the goods, he lost his senses after not finding a pair of coils in it. Women are seen stealing in CCTV. At present, on the complaint of the businessman, the police is engaged in the investigation of the case.

Two women have committed a theft incident from a jeweler’s shop in Kothawan town of Beniganj Kotwali area. The incident of theft by throwing dust in the eyes of the trader in broad daylight created a stir in the entire market. The women went to the shop to collect the coil and she left without taking the goods. After this, when the shopkeeper kept the goods, he lost his senses after not getting the coil.

Women took away a pair of coils by dodging
When he saw the exploits of the women in the CCTV, he was shocked. After which the victim businessman Shivam Awasthi has complained to the police. The victim Shivam told in the Tahrir given that two women came to his shop to buy coils. She kept looking at the coil for a long time and said that there is no other design. On this, he picked up two pairs from below and showed them to the women. Meanwhile, a woman dodged and handed over a pair of coils to another woman. Then she said did not like the design and would not take the coil.

Victim Shivam gave information
On this, when he started keeping his belongings, he did not see a pair of coils in it, due to which he got upset. Then after this, when Shivam checked the CCTV camera, he was shocked. A woman giving a coil to another woman is clearly visible in the CCTV camera. After whose video went viral, there was a stir among the traders of the entire Kothawan market. ASP West Durgesh Kumar Singh told that the matter will be disclosed soon.

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