Custom officials caught smuggler from UAE at Lucknow airport | Custom officials caught smuggler from UAE at Lucknow airport

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The gold smuggler who came from UAE at Lucknow airport was caught by customs officers on Monday. He had brought gold worth about Rs 15 lakh by hiding it in a wig. He was nabbed as he exited the International Terminal. The custom has handed over the smuggler to the police.

According to Customs Commissioner Ved Prakash Shukla, Indigo flight number 6E-1412 from Sharjah had reached Lucknow airport on Monday. The form filled by a passenger who got off the flight mentioned the absence of any valuables. So that passenger was sent through the Green Channel. During this, the sight of the custom officer fell on the head of the passenger. The wig on the passenger’s head looked haphazard. On suspicion, he was brought in front of the scanner. Signal of metal passing through the scanner was found. On investigation, 291 grams of gold was caught by removing the wig from the passenger’s head. He had glued gold between the wig and the hair. The cost of this gold is around Rs 15 lakh. Earlier on Sunday, army worth Rs 24 lakh was recovered from a passenger who had come from an Air India flight in his suitcase.

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