Customer parked the wrong bike, two shopkeepers ran fiercely with sticks, police challenged in breach of peace | Two shopkeepers went fiercely with sticks, police challaned in breach of peace

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A customer came to Ashok’s shop and parked his bike between the two shops.

In Agra’s Thana Etmauddaula area, two shopkeepers got into a fierce fight after a customer parked the bike wrong. During the fight with sticks, three people from one side were injured. The police have challaned people from both sides for breach of peace over the incident.

Sticks and sticks went fiercely to park the bike
The matter is of Foundry Nagar of Thana Etmauddaula. Ashok Kumar and Mukesh have a hardware shop next to each other. On Tuesday evening, a customer came to Ashok’s shop and parked his bike between the two shops. Angered by this, Mukesh, his brother Pankaj and wife attacked Ashok Kumar. Together, the three beat up Ashok Kumar, his son Amit and Ashish with sticks. During the fight, Ashish suffered a fracture in his hand and Amit and Ashok suffered head injuries. The entire incident has been captured on CCTV.

People accused the police

Ashok alleges that he informed the police about the fight and also showed the video of the assault, but the police caught both the parties and settled the matter by challaning them under the section of breach of peace. Police station in-charge Devendra Pandey says that there was a dispute between two shopkeepers regarding parking the bike. All have been medically conducted and have been challaned under the section for breach of peace.

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