Cyber ​​thug made a call posing as cousin brother-in-law, police registered a case. Cyber ​​thug made a call by becoming cousin brother-in-law, police filed a case

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Cyber ​​thugs stole Rs 1.80 lakh from the account of staff nurses posted at District Women’s Hospital in Badaun. The thug had called him as the nurse’s cousin and also tempted him to deposit 21 thousand rupees in his account. On the information of the case, the police have currently registered a case against the concerned mobile number and unknown person under the IT Act including fraud.
Saba Siddiqui, a resident of Mohalla Nagran in Sadar Kotwali area, is a staff nurse in the District Women’s Hospital. He got a call from a number on his mobile. The caller told him that his cousin brother-in-law is speaking and that Rs 21 thousand has to be transferred to his account. He will take this amount later. On this, Saba told her account number to the person concerned.
transaction started again
According to the lawsuit, after this, 80 thousand rupees were transferred from Saba’s account twice including 50-50. By the time they got to know about it, the transaction was done.
Police wrote FIR
On the basis of the complaint of the case, the police have registered a case against unknown persons under IT Act including cheating. According to the police, the address of the account in which the cash transfer took place is being traced. After that the exact position will be known. The help of cyber cell is also being taken.

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