Daily infections witness a sharp rise in Mysuru

The daily COVID-19 infections, which had slumped to single digits in the first week of March, have sharply risen during the second and third week of the month, causing concern among health authorities.

The daily COVID-19 infections, which had reached nine on March 6, 11 on March 7 and seven on March 8, had risen gradually and reached 70 on March 21. The average daily cases that stood at just 14 between March 1 and 8 has risen to 46 between March 9 and 21.

The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Mysuru, which stood at 54,097 on February 28, had risen gradually by 112 to reach 54,209 on March 8. But, increased rapidly by 602 to reach 54,811 on March 21.

The number of active cases, which had dipped to a low of 133 on March 8, went up to 339 on March 21.

However, there was not much difference in the rate of mortality. The number people dying due to COVID-19 in Mysuru was five between March 1 and 8 and six between March 9 and 21.

Meanwhile, the Mysuru district administration had stepped up the number of COVID-19 tests in the wake of the spurt in cases. The daily testing target of 4,500 samples, which was prevailing last year, had been brought down to 3,000 since February first week after the number of infections dipped. But, the sharp rise in the daily infections reported during the last two weeks led the authorities to revise the target to 5,000 initially. But, the target was revised again to 7,000 at present.

The authorities were, however, struggling to reach the revised daily target of 7,000 tests. On March 21, a total of 5,685 samples were checked and 70 tested positive, showing a positivity rate of 0.01231. In contrast, a total of 1,183 samples were checked on March 8 when seven persons tested positive, showing a positivity rate of 0.005 per cent.


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