Dam Drained for Mobile, ‘Kathal’ Hunt & Stadium for Dog: Bizarre Cases of Power Misuse by Netas & Babus

The water drained out of the reservoir could have been used to irrigate 1,500 acres of farmland. (Twitter/@ramanmann1974)

In a case of egregious water mismanagement during the peak of summer, a food inspector stationed in Pakhanjore has been suspended for drained out 41 lakh litres of water from the Paralkot reservoir

A Chhattisgarh government employee was suspended after he allegedly drained out 41 lakh litres of water from a reservoir after his mobile phone fell into it while taking a selfie at Kanker district. The incident is the latest in the disturbing trend of misplaced priorities and has triggered debates regarding questionable actions of bureaucrats.

In a case of egregious water mismanagement during the peak of summer, Rajesh Vishwas, a food inspector stationed in Pakhanjore has been suspended for his actions at the Paralkot reservoir last weekend. The incident was brought to light on Friday, according to an official statement.

Vishwas had visited the reservoir on May 21 for an outing with friends. While attempting to take a selfie, he accidentally dropped his mobile phone into a waste weir, a channel designed to carry away excess water.

The incident adds to a series of similar occurrences, including athletes being sent home prematurely to accommodate a senior bureaucrat’s pet dog for walks on stadium running tracks, police teams being formed to track stolen jackfruit and missing buffaloes.


Athletes practising at Delhi’s Thyagraj Stadium complained that the stadium was being closed for sports activities earlier than usual so that an IAS officer could walk his dog at the facility last year, triggering an uproar.

Shortly after the row garnered national headlines misuse of official position, the Centre shunted Delhi Principal Secretary (Revenue) Sanjeev Khirwar and his wife Anu Dugga who is also an IAS officer to Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh respectively.

Following the uproar, the then Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia announced that all Delhi Government sports facilities would stay open for sportsmen till 10 pm. “News reports have brought to our notice that certain sports facilities are being closed early causing inconvenience to sportsmen who wish to play till late nite. CM @ArvindKejriwal has directed that all Delhi Govt sports facilities to stay open for sportsmen till 10pm,” he said in a tweet.

Azam Khan’s Stolen Buffaloes

In the run-up to the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Azam Khan, then a minister in the Uttar Pradesh government under Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, grabbed national attention by claiming that some of his buffaloes had been stolen. Subsequently, a team comprising over 100 police personnel and sniffer dogs was deployed to locate the missing animals.

Reports indicate that the Rampur police extensively searched fields and employed sniffer dogs in their quest to find the stolen buffaloes. Additionally, Azam Khan reportedly had CCTV footage from nearby slaughterhouses carefully examined in hopes of obtaining leads.

The police later successfully recovered the buffaloes from various locations.

Missing Jackfruits from JDU Leader’s Delhi Bungalow

In 2014, the Delhi Police launched a special crime team to investigate the peculiar case of the ‘Missing Jackfruits’ which were later concluded to be taken by some children. The incident came to light when Janata Dal United’s Rajya Sabha MP, Mahendra Prasad, reported the theft of jackfruits from his Tughlaq Road bungalow.

To gather evidence, the police meticulously collected fingerprints from the garden and backyard area of the bungalow. During the investigation, a close examination of the crime scene revealed a trail of footprints. These footprints, approximately six inches in size, appeared to belong to children who might have trespassed by jumping over the fence to steal the fruit, reports said.

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