Danger on ‘Ashram’: Prakash Jha, who targeted Karni Sena, sent notice to ban the trailer and entire series of Webseries Ashram

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The Karni Sena has waged a legal battle over the web series Ashram, the lead performance of Bobby Deol. The Karni Sena has sent a notice to the director and producer of the series, Prakash Jha, seeking to remove the trailer of the web series and stop the release of the entire series due to misrepresentation of the Hindu religion’s ashram system. Ashram Chapter 2 The Dark Side is scheduled to release on November 11 before Diwali. There is 7 days left for the series to be released and Karni Sena is preparing to perform across the country to stop it.

Maharashtra Karni Army sent notice
This notice has been sent on behalf of Maharashtra State Organization Minister Surjit Singh of Karni Sena. The notice stated that the trailer of Ashram-Chapter 2 The Dark Side has hurt Hindu religious sentiments in a big way. Also, the negative image of Hinduism is being kept in front of the generations to come. The characters in the trailer are not targeting any particular person but are being misinformed about the ancient traditions, customs, Hindu culture, ashram religion, which people are getting confused.

Questions raised on the first season as well
In the notice, questions have also been raised by the Karni Sena about the first season of the ashram. In which many objective things were shown about the Ashram arrangement and the same work continues in season 2. The Karni Sena has opposed tarnishing the image of Hindu religion ashrams. Also demanded to remove the trailer and immediately stop the release of the entire web series.

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