Darul Uloom Backs Decision on Survey of Unrecognised Madrasas, Refuses to Take Any Assistance from UP Govt

Backing the Uttar Pradesh government’s move to survey unrecognised Madrasas in the state, Darul Uloom, an Islamic seminary based in Saharanpur’s Deoband, asked institutions to cooperate with officials and provide accurate information.

Speaking to reporters after a conference of representatives from various Madrasas in Deoband, Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind president Maulana Arshad Madani said that though the organisation has no objection to the survey, it would not accept any sort of help from the government for running the institutions.

“Madrassas are our religious institutions. As we do not ask for any help from the government to run our Masjids the same way we do not want any assistance in running and maintaining our madrassas,” he said.

The conference in Deoband was attended by the representatives of more than 400 Madrasas from across Uttar Pradesh. The meeting was chaired by Maulana Madni and Abul Qasim Nomani the Vice Chancellor of Darul Uloom.

During the conference, Maulana Madani asked the seminary managements to not panic or keep apprehensions about the survey, and to consider it a procedural norm.

Madni also made an appeal to the entire Muslim community to refrain from using words and actions which may undermine the status of madrasas or that may covey any negative impressions of them.

He advised seminaries to provide correct information to the survey teams. In case of any regulatory lapses, managements of the madrasas are asked to address them on an urgent basis.

Further, madrasa managements are also asked to maintain financial transparency and get their accounts audited annually by an auditor.

Managements are also advised to keep the madrasa property documents intact and to ensure that the property of the madrasa and society or the trust running it is registered as per rule.

Maulana Madni said that if any madrasas or masjid is found to be built on the government’s land or constructed without proper documentation, Darul Uloom will not come to their rescue and they are privy to any action that the government deems necessary.

Moreover, they are also advised to continue maintaining clean accommodation, providing healthy food and a hygienic environment for students with special care for keeping toilets and the bathrooms clean and hygienic.

Survey Of Unrecognised Madrasas In UP

On August 31, the Uttar Pradesh government had ordered a survey of all unrecognised private madrasas operating in the state. Teams for the purpose were formed by September. Danish Azad Ansari Minister of State for Minority Welfare, Muslim Waqf and Waqf Department had said earlier that the entire exercise is being done to improve the quality of education and the dismal state of madrassas.

According to the order, the teams have been asked to complete the survey by October 15 and submit the report to the government in 10 days thereafter.

After the government’s decision, several madrasa operators had expressed apprehensions about the survey. A meeting of Jamiat-Ulama-e-Hind was also held in Delhi on September 6, during which it decided to support the government in the survey but demanded zero interference in the internal affairs of madrasas.

At present, about 16,000 private madrassas are operating in the state, including the world-famous Nadwatul Ulama and Darul Uloom Deoband.

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