Daughter accuses uncle of pressing her, only uncle has got her resignation. Daughter accuses uncle of pressurizing her, only uncle has got her resignation

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Vinay Shakya joined SP.

Amidst the ongoing tussle in the family over political legacy in Auraiya, BJP’s Bidhuna MLA Vinay Shakya has joined the SP. He has resigned from the membership of BJP. Vinay Shakya, who became a leader by starting politics against SP, has now joined the SP. On Friday, he joined the SP along with Swami Prasad. MLA Vinay’s daughter Riya Shakya has accused uncle Devesh of getting her father’s resignation under pressure.

Shakya was once against SP

Vinay Shakya was the first to be in Congress. After that he joined BSP. He contested the assembly elections in 2002 against SP MLA and Speaker Dhaniram Verma several times. He became MLA after defeating SP veteran Dhaniram Verma. The BSP government was formed and Vinay’s stature increased. He was made minister of state. After this Vinay Shakya’s politics went against the SP.

brother was contested

In the 2007 election, Dhaniram Verma won the election and Vinay lost. After this, in 2009, BSP nominated Vinay as MLC and gave him the status of Minister of State. Vinay Shakya emerged as a great leader of the backward class. In 2012, Vinay contested his brother Devesh as MLC, but Mulayam’s brother-in-law Pramod Gupta won the election from SP and Devesh lost.

Uncle was accused of kidnapping father

In 2017, Vinay contested the elections from the BJP and won. At the end of 2018, Vinay Shakya suffered a paralysis attack. After which there was a competition to get inheritance from Vinay’s house. In 2022, when Swami Prasad left the BJP, the ruckus of the house came out. Daughter Riya Shakya accused her uncle Devesh of kidnapping her father. Which Vinay denied on the second day at his Etawah residence.

Now MLA Vinay Shakya has sent a letter to the BJP state president accusing him of not paying attention to the leaders and public representatives of Dalits, backward and minorities during the BJP tenure.

Papa never wanted to leave BJP

Apart from this, the BJP government has also accused of neglect of traders. He said that he is with Swami Prasad Maurya. Swami Prasad is the voice of the oppressed and the victim. He is our leader, we are with him. On the news of resignation, daughter Riya Shakya again surrounded uncle Devesh. Riya said that Devesh has done this. His father did not want to leave the BJP.

She will always be in BJP

Devesh had kidnapped him and introduced him to Swami Prasad in Lucknow. When he released the video, Devesh sent his father to Etawah. If the mobile location is extracted, then the truth will be known. Riya said that she was and will remain in BJP. Tickets may or may not be available, but she has landed for social service. Will continue to do social service.

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