DC tests positive

Chamarajnagar Deputy Commissioner M.R. Ravi, who was tested positive to COVID-19 on Sunday, is doing well and was being treated under home isolation. District Health Officer Ravi told The Hindu that he is stable and described the infection as mild.

Mr. Ravi had taken two doses of vaccine against the disease and more than three weeks had passed after the second dose.

โ€œHe (Mr .Ravi) developed throat pain and underwent RT-PCR test on Saturday. His lab report confirmed the infection and accordingly he has been home isolated,โ€ the DHO confirmed.

In reply to a query on how a vaccinated person was infected, Dr. Ravi said, โ€œThe antibodies take some time to develop in some cases. In such cases, possibilities of infection cannot be ruled out. The severity of infection will be less among vaccinated persons.โ€

Mr. Ravi had taken the first dose of vaccine on February 8 and the second dose was administered on March 8.


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