Death due to current: Half an hour before death, Govind’s brother had a talk, said – after settling work from here, I will go to the police control room

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  • Talked To Govind’s Brother Half An Hour Before Death, He Said After Settling Work From Here, Will Go To The Police Control Room

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UjjainMoments before

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Deceased Govind (file photo)

  • He died of electrocution while working in an under construction building in Mahavir Bagh Colony.

While working in an under-construction building in Ujjain’s Mahabir Bagh Colony, Govind spoke to his brother Dharmendra over the phone before he was struck by the current. He had said that after settling the work here, he will go to the police control room. Before the work was over, Govind succumbed to the current. He remained in the building for about 45 minutes. When it started getting dark and Govind did not come down, the watchman Baghdiram reached the spot giving voice to him. Seeing Govinda lying down, he got scared and came down running. He immediately informed Govind’s brother Dharmendra about the incident over phone. In a hurry, Govind was brought to the district hospital where doctors declared him dead. The autopsy was conducted on Saturday.

It is worth mentioning that Govind Chauhan, resident of Tajpur Panwasa, died on Friday evening due to electrocution while cutting a wall for a water pipe in an under-construction building in Mahavir Bagh Colony. He was lying at the scene for about twenty-five hours. At about seven o’clock in the evening when the watchman Bagdiram reached the spot, he saw Govind lying on the ground. He had reported the incident to Govind’s brother Dharmendra. Dharmendra told that he had talked to Govind at around six and a half in the evening. He told that the building builder belonged to Ramkhatri. The work of tap fitting was going on by taking a contract with him.


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