Death occurred on the spot, the police sent the dead body for postmortem. Death occurred on the spot, police sent the body for postmortem

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Bike rider lying on the road.

A bike rider died after falling from the flyover bridge at Badhauli intersection of Robertsganj Kotwali area. Please tell that as soon as the young man fell from the flyover, people were shocked, when people went near and saw, the young man had lost his life. As soon as the police got the information, the police reached the spot and took the dead body of the police youth and sent it to the district hospital for postmortem. A few months ago, a bike rider had fallen and died at this very place. The youth could not be identified and the police is trying to identify the youth.

Second death within six months

People demanded that a net be installed on the flyover at Badhauli intersection. According to the information, the youth was speeding over the flyover. Meanwhile, his bike slipped and he directly hit the wall of the flyover and fell down at Badhauli intersection of Roberts Ganj. He died instantly as he fell from a height of about 50 feet. Local people say that a few months ago, another youth had died in the same way at the same place. Despite this, the administration did not make any effort to stop such incidents. Police reached the spot and sent the dead body for postmortem.

The flyover is 3 kilometers long

Even after spending seven years, the street lights were not installed on the flyover, there is also a lack of road signs, people demanded to put mesh on the wall of the flyover. Let us tell you that this flyover was constructed in the year 2017 itself, but till date the street lights could not be installed on the flyover located on Varanasi Shaktinagar road, nor the road signs have been installed on the flyover, while the flyover is about 3 kilometers long and many There are also turns over the flyover in place.

Accidents have happened many times on the flyover but it seems that the administration is waiting for some big accident, the road construction company is now collecting toll-tax from the people at an increased rate, but there is neither street light nor any other security on the road. There are arrangements. The local people have demanded that an iron mesh be placed on the wall of the flyover at the turning point to prevent accidents.

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