Deepika Padukone’s name now comes after Sara, Rakul, Shraddha, Dawa- actress had ordered drugs from Jaya Saha’s manager Karishma

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  • Deepika Padukone was also seen drunk in a viral video of Karan Johar’s party.
  • Jaya Saha is also interrogated by NCB for about 4 hours on Monday after drug angle in Sushant case

The drug mafia connections of big stars are directly revealed on the investigation of Sushant case in Bollywood. On Monday evening, another big name actress Deepika Padukone is coming. Two TV channels (Aaj Tak and Republic) have claimed Deepika’s role in this case by quoting a chat.

Earlier in the afternoon, Shraddha Kapoor’s name was also revealed for the first time, while fingers are on Sara Ali Khan and Rakul Preet Singh.

Jaya Saha’s manager hadh

Reports are being quoted saying that the NCB team investigating the drug connection has managed to restore a chat between Talent Manager Jaya Saha’s associate Karishma and Deepika. In this, Deepika is seeking drugs from Karisma. So far, Sushant’s role as Jaya Saha, Sushant’s role as a mastermind, is coming to light.

It is being claimed that Deepika’s codename D and Karishma’s codename K in this chat. Jaya’s role is also seen directly in the WhatsApp chat starring Shraddha Kapoor.



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