Deer Rescue Operation: Deer Fell Into Well in Uttar Pradesh Lalitpur, Rescued By Villagers | Deer strayed from the forest and reached the village, the deer fell into the well, the villagers tied him with rope and pulled him out

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Lalitpur23 minutes ago

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This photo is from Lalitpur. Competition to be photographed with deer.

  • Block case of Dhawari village of Mehrauli
  • The forest department took the deer in its delivery

Wildlife lovers on Tuesday saved the life of a deer that fell in a well in Lalitpur district of Uttar Pradesh. This case is of Dhawari village of Block Mehroni. Here on Monday night a deer wandered from the forest and came into the population. He fell into a well. People heard his voice in the morning and went down to the well to save. The deer was tied up with a rope and pulled up. The village head representative has informed the forest department.

Deer shown floating in well water
On Tuesday morning in Dhawari village of Mehrani, the development block, the villagers got a call for the presence of a cattle in a well. When looked at nearby, it was found that the deer was swimming in the water of the well. Somehow the village head representative Shiva Prakash landed in the well and with the help of villagers, tied the deer with the help of rope and took it out and saved his life. A crowd of villagers gathered to see the deer.

Village head husband representative Shiva Prakash went down to the well to save the deer.

Village head husband representative Shiva Prakash went down to the well to save the deer.

Deer will be left in the forest

It was feared that the deer came out of the forest in the night and reached the fields and fell into the well without a munder. Village head representative Shiv Prakash Rajauria brought the deer home and tied it safely outside the house and informed the forest department. On receipt of this information, the employees of the forest department have reached the spot. He will be taken to the forest and released.


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