‘Delay in scholarship put my daughter under stress’

Mother of LSR student says lockdown affected family income, could not arrange money

The LSR College student who was found dead on November 3 was upset over lack of access to resources required for continuing online classes, and her stress was exacerbated when the institute issued a notice directing students to vacate hostels, her mother has said.

At a press meet on Monday, the mother of the second-year student said delay in release of scholarship funds had affected her daughter’s mental health.

“After the notice, she asked for ₹30,000-₹40,000 from us so that she could go to Delhi and look for alternative arrangements. She told us that if she shifts to a paying guest accommodation then she would need at least ₹15,000/month. Our family income was affected during lockdown, so we could not arrange for the money due to which she got more stressed,” said the mother.

“She told us how she would become a laughing stock if she dropped out of her course. Had a part of the scholarship money been released then at least a few things could have been eased,” she added.

LSR students’ union general secretary Unnimaya said the student had participated in a survey where she had said that the digital divide had put her under stress. She added that the college had been informed about the issue.

LSR principal Suman Sharma, however, said the only communication received was a “general letter regarding online classes” that was sent by the Students’ Federation of India. She added the college does not recognise SFI as it does not “represent the college”. The college said a ‘free-ship’ of ₹12,000 had been paid to the student in April 2020 and that it was unaware of whether she was a recipient of the INSPIRE scholarship.

Suicide prevention helpline: Sanjivini, Society for Mental Health, Telephone: 011-4076 9002, Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-7.30 p.m.


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