Delegation of farmer leaders met CM Yogi about his demands, said- there will be agitation from September 25 on MSP rate | Delegation of farmer leaders met CM Yogi about his demands, said- there will be agitation from September 25 on MSP rate

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  • Delegation of Farmer Leaders Met CM Yogi About His Demands, Said There Will Be Agitation From September 25 On MSP Rate

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UP CM Yogi Adityanath met the delegation of farmers on Wednesday.

  • Memorandum on 16 points assigned to Indian Farmers Union by CM
  • Said- There will be a nationwide agitation regarding the problems of farmers

A six-member delegation of the Bharatiya Kisan Union met CM Yogi of Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday. During this, there was talk for about 45 minutes. Farmer leaders submitted a 16 point indent to CM Yogi. These demands were discussed in detail with CM. Yogi has assured the farmer leaders that the private agencies-companies will not buy below the MSP in Uttar Pradesh, the CM has given this assurance to the leaders of the farmers union.

Speaking to the media after the talks with CM Yogi, National Spokesperson Chaudhary Rakesh Tikait said that there have been talks on many important points. They have also assured us. Farmer leader Tikait said that the demand for fixing the MSP rate is also being sought from the central government as this bill has been passed from there.

He said that there will be agitation in the country on September 25 against the central government on many demands including the MSP rate. At the same time, the farmers leaders assured the CM that the farmers would not burn the straw. CM Yogi assured the farmers leaders that the standing crop will not be harvested at the time of acquisition.

Farmer leaders also interacted with the media after the meeting.

Farmer leaders also interacted with the media after the meeting.

Farmers suffered damage during Corona epidemic, no help found

He said the lockdown due to the epidemic caused major losses to farmers. To compensate for this, no direct assistance has been provided to the farmer by the Government of India. At the same time, the police is oppressing the farmers in the state. Police are persecuting the farmers about the rule of Corona epidemic, which was discussed with CM Yogi to prevent and prevent this from happening. The problem of farmers should be addressed and good atmosphere and law and order should be fine in the state.

Farmer leaders conveyed their problems to CM Yogi through a 16-point demand letter

  • Production cost has increased due to increase in sugarcane price for last 2 years. Due to which sugarcane farmers are incurring losses, the price of sugarcane should be Rs 450 per quintal in the coming season.
  • In Uttar Pradesh, arrears of sugarcane farmers should be paid along with the interest of those days for non-payment of sugarcane within 14 days of cane purchase.
  • Under the Uttar Pradesh Sugarcane Supply and Purchase Act Section 17 and Sugar Cane Control Order, sugarcane payment along with interest should be made immediately if the payment is not made within 14 days. A sugarcane passbook should be issued for the account of each sugarcane farmer. No change should be made in the sugarcane procurement horse trading policy.
  • Approved tube well connections of farmers’ general scheme should be given in the same manner.
  • For the last 3 years, there is a huge increase in the power bills of private tube wells and rural areas, so it is necessary to reduce the electricity rates of farmers.
  • Kisan Samman Nidhi Kala Patti is not available to all its farmers. Despite taking a round of farmer work, farmers are not being prepared. The eligible farmers should be kicked out by making the time limit, 12000 annually to be contributed by the Raj government.
  • Farmers should be given time to ensure that there is no loss of standing crops in land acquisition.
  • Agricultural defense centers should be made available in the state above agricultural chemicals, urea availability should be ensured in all districts
  • Fake cases filed against farmers in Uttar Pradesh should be withdrawn



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