Delhi Deputy CM Sisodia slams Centre for saying there was no death due to oxygen shortage

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on July 21 alleged the Centre lied in Parliament that there was โ€œno death in the country due to oxygen shortageโ€.

โ€œFrom April 15 to May 10, there was oxygen mismanagement by the Central government and due to it there was chaos in hospitals across the country and many people died due to oxygen shortage. When the Delhi government said that we are forming a committee to inquire into allegations of cases of deaths due to shortage of oxygen, the Central government did not allow us to do so and blocked it through the L-G [Lt. Governor],โ€ Mr. Sisodia said in a video statement.

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Mr. Sisodia urged the Prime Minister to allow the Delhi government to form the committee, which will independently investigate each claim of death due to oxygen shortage.

โ€œYou didnโ€™t allow us to collect the data [on deaths due to oxygen shortage],โ€ he added.

โ€œModiji, why are lies being told in Parliament? When people were struggling [to get oxygen], did you not see their struggle? And your government shamelessly says in Parliament that there was no death due to oxygen shortage in the country,โ€ Mr. Sisodia said.

โ€œThe State government has to first form the committee, only then there will be a report [on number of death due to oxygen shortage]. Currently, the [Delhi] government doesnโ€™t have any data on deaths due to oxygen shortage,โ€ the AAP Minister said.


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