Delhi government ‘looted’ oxygen tanker, alleges Haryana Minister Anil Vij

He added that pressure was being mounted on them to furnish oxygen supply to Delhi, but Haryana was their first priority

Amid growing shortage of liquid oxygen in Delhi hospitals, Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij on Wednesday alleged that a tanker carrying oxygen for Faridabad hospital was looted by Delhi government. He added that pressure was being mounted on them to furnish supply to Delhi, but Haryana was their first priority.

Mr. Vij accused the Delhi government of having looted a tanker carrying liquid oxygen to Faridabad hospitals on Tuesday. “It is wrong. It is condemnable. It will lead to anarchy,” said Mr. Vij. He added that now he had directed the police to escort the oxygen tankers.

Mr. Vij said that supply of oxygen to Haryana from Rajasthan and Himachal had been stopped, but the State had enough stock. The minister added that Haryana produced 270 metric tonne of liquid oxygen and he had deployed officials at oxygen plants. “Also, pressure in being mounted on us to supply oxygen to Delhi, but we will supply only if we have spare oxygen. Our first priority is Haryana,” said the minister.

Meanwhile, Holy Family Hospital authorities alleged that Haryana government had directed their supplier of liquid oxygen to not to supply outside the State. “We have been informed by our supplier of liquid oxygen in Faridabad that the Harayana government is not allowing to supply oxygen outside Harayana,” said Sumit Ray, Head of Department of Critical Care, Holy Family Hospital, Delhi.

 “Currently, we refill oxygen every day. We have enough oxygen to last till 11 a.m. tomorrow (on Thursday). But 325 of the 375 COVID-19 patients either need oxygen or ventilator. It’ll be disastrous if we do not get oxygen supply tomorrow morning,” Dr. Ray said when asked about the oxygen stock.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital said in a statement that currently the hospital has only 10-12 hours of oxygen supply available for all its patients with no alternatives.

“This level is dangerously low with supply chain disruptions and delays being witnessed over the past week. The continuation of this disrupted or delayed supply will have serious ramifications for our patients, especially the over 350 oxygen dependent Covid-19 patients,” the statement said.

“We strongly urge all the State Governments and the Centre to assist us in ensuring uninterrupted supply in order to avert any catastrophic patient-related incident,” it read.

St. Stephen’s Hospital says its oxygen will last only till 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

“Our supplier from Faridabad is not being allowed to supply oxygen and we did not get today’s supply. We have 350 COVID patients and about 200 of them need oxygen,” said the spokesperson of the hospital.

The hospital has informed the matter to the Delhi government.


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