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Delhi Metro’s ‘Far From Her Memories’ Stop is the Destination of All Broken Hearts

Delhi Metro’s ‘Far From Her Memories’ Stop is the Destination of All Broken Hearts (Photo Credits: Twitter/@vibhuagiwal)

Delhi metro’s bizarre destination takes broken hearts ‘far from her memories’ and how.

Delhi Metro, known for its efficient transportation system, has become more than just a means of getting from point A to point B. It has become a hub of unexpected destinations, where laughter and humor intertwine. Recently, passengers and online users have been adding their own unique “destinations” to the metro’s designated stops, providing moments of amusement and joy to all. And now, there’s a new stop that captures the essence of what every heartbroken person secretly wishes for.

In a playful act of mischief, someone recently placed a sticker right on the yellow line of the Delhi Metro, humourously proclaiming it as the destination to be “far from her memories.” The sticker, which amusingly reads “Uski Yadon Se Dur” (Far from her memories), hilariously resonated with those nursing a broken heart, symbolising the universal desire to move on and find solace.

This clever addition caught the attention of users, sparking a frenzy of hilarious responses and banter. One Twitter user couldn’t resist joining in on the fun, exclaiming, “Are bhay mujhe bhi le chalo उसकी यादो से दूर” (Hey, take me too, far from her memories). Another user chimed in, adding a humorous touch by saying, “Same station ki ticket dedo” (Give me a ticket to the same station). Meanwhile, a third user cleverly summed up the Delhiites and their actions, playfully remarking, “pretty civilized Delhites.”

Earlier, someone adorned the same yellow line of the Delhi Metro with a sticker that simply read “Goa Beach.” This creative addition stirred up a sense of excitement and adventure among commuters, as it humourously hinted at the possibility of embarking on an unconventional beach ride to the vibrant shores of Goa. Would you want to take a ride?

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