Delhi off-spinner Ravi Ashwin said – Finch left, now if someone leaves the crease, I will not delay in dismissing from Mankanding, this first and last warning

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The match between Delhi and Bengaluru took place in the IPL 2020 on Monday. In the first over of Ashwin, Aaron Finch left the crease at the non-striking end. However, Ashwin did not dismiss him from Mankading. Later Ashwin said on Twitter- This was the first and last warning. No one will be spared from the future.

  • Ravichandran Ashwin, who used the Mankanding run out rule for the second consecutive year and is in discussion
  • Finch was out of the crease in the Delhi-RCB match on Monday night, Ashwin did not dismiss him from Mankading

Mankadding rule has also come into the limelight after the last season of IPL. Delhi off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin did not dismiss RCB’s Aaron Finch from Mankanding in the match between Delhi and RCB on Monday night. However, Ashwin later clarified that this is the first and last warning for non-strikers crossing the crease before delivery. If a batsman crosses the crease from the front, Ashwin will not spare him.

First let’s understand mankanding ..
If a bowler takes action to throw the ball, and if the batsman at the same non-striking end at the same time, if the batsman comes out of the crease, then the bowler can drop the bails there. The way to get out in this way is called mankding. It is dated 13 December 1947. During a Test match between India and Australia, Vinoo Mankad of India dismissed Will Brown of Australia in a similar way. Since then, this method was called ‘Mankading’, based on the surname of Veenu.

This rule applies in cricket, but the opinion is divided. Some knowledgeable and former players are in favor of this, while some say that this way of dismissing the batsman is contrary to the spirit of the game.

Butler was out like this last season.
Ashwin was the captain of Kings XI Punjab in IPL 2019. In a match against Hyderabad, he dismissed Jos Buttler like this. Ashwin tried twice for Wriddhiman Saha. Saha was alert both times. Ashwin could be dismissed from Finch on Monday night. However, they did not do so.

First and last warning
Ashwin made a tweet after the match. Said- I want to make it very clear that this is my first and last warning. I am officially saying that if a batsman comes out of the crease from the front, it will not take any time to get him out of mankind. No one should blame me after this.

Pointing to Ponting too
The special thing is that when Ashwin was not dismissed by Finch, Delhi Head Coach Ricky Ponting was smiling seeing this incident. Ponting had said at the beginning of this IPL season that he would not allow Ashwin to be manhandled. However, Ashwin also tagged Ricky Ponting in his tweet and made it clear that he would not accept his advice. Ashwin said last year – if there is a rule to be excluded from mankanding then why should it not be used. The rules are designed for the game itself. Remove if incorrect.


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