Demand for investigation of corruption prevailing in the municipality, sloganeering fiercely Demand for investigation of corruption prevailing in the municipality, sloganeering fiercely

Hathras28 minutes ago

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Demanded action against the AE, JE and contractor of the Municipal Construction Department accused of stopping the work of the procession house in Hathras for three years. The BJP members demonstrated semi-naked in the municipality premises demanding an investigation into the corruption prevailing in the municipality. Shouting loudly. The dharna of BJP members continues for the 17th day as the district administration has not yet taken action against the culprits.

The councilors accused of stopping the work of the incomplete procession of Ward-16 say that no action has been taken by the municipality and the district administration on the accused in the procession case. In protest against the lack of action, today half-naked demonstration in the premises of the municipality.

District administration is not taking action
The members say that the Executive Officer, Anil Kumar, has recommended action by writing a letter on June 18, blaming the AI ​​construction and contractor, then why the district administration is not taking action. The members alleged that the district administration was trying to save the accused.

Performed half-naked.

Performed half-naked.

Action against JE, AI and Contractor
Please tell that the procession was to be constructed from the infrastructure fund in Friends Colony of Ward 16. This procession was to be completed by the contractor by June 7, 2019, but the contractor has stopped work for two years. On the other hand, the payment of 8 lakhs to the contractor despite the procession work not being completed shows the complicity of the municipal workers and the contractor. Member Bhagwan Verma says that until action will not be taken against the JE, AI and contractor of the construction department. He will not end the strike.

these people were there
Pradeep Sharma, Shri Bhagwan Verma, Virendra Mahour, Narayan Lal, Nishant Upadhyay, Rajendra Goyal, Member’s representative Harprasad Mahour, Member’s representative Himanshu Mishra etc. were present among those who demonstrated.

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