Demonstrating with another’s licensed gun, accused of intimidating the public by taking photographs. Azamgarh Mukhtar’s henchman arrested

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Mafia Mukhtar Ansari’s henchman arrested in Azamgarh district, accused of intimidating the public by posing for photographs with another’s gun.

Police of Azamgarh district has arrested Mohammad Haider son Hasan, henchman of Mafia Mukhtar Ansari. Mohammad Haider is a henchman of Mafia Mukhtar Ansari. The accused Mohammad Haider is accused of taking photographs of another person with a weapon. Along with this, the accused was threatening the general public by taking photographs with weapons. A case has also been registered against the accused in this case. The accused used to work for the Mukhtar Ansari gang in the district. Mukhtar Ansari is also an accused in the MP MLA Court of the district in a murder case in Azamgarh district. The hearing of the matter was on June 3. In this hearing, Don Mukhtar Ansari has appealed to the court for protection.

Arrested from Katra Tirahe
On the basis of information, the accused Mohammad Haider, who intimidated people by taking photographs with weapons, has been arrested by the police from Katra Tirahe. Sub Inspector Rajiv Kumar Singh told that the police had conducted a checking operation. Meanwhile, information was received that the accused was trying to escape somewhere. Based on this information the accused has been arrested. The accused is being produced in the court, from where he will be sent to jail.

Mukhtar’s roots deep in the district
Even though the Yogi government of the state is taking continuous action against Mafia Mukhtar Ansari, but Mukhtar Ansari has deep roots in Azamgarh district. However, after the campaign being run by the state government against the criminals, most of Mukhtar’s close friends in the district have gone underground and many close ones have even left the district, so that the accused could not get scorched by the heat of this ongoing campaign against Mukhtar. .

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