Demonstration to remove Jinnah’s picture in AMU, then picture in public toilet | Demonstration to remove Jinnah’s picture in AMU, then picture in public toilet

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Jinnah’s picture put up in the public toilet of Gandhi Park Bus Stand

Mohd engaged in Aligarh Muslim University. Protests are increasing in the district to remove the picture of Ali Jinnah. BJP workers on Sunday demonstrated at DS College for removal of Jinnah’s picture, after which they put Jinnah’s picture in a public toilet. Young activists protested by putting Jinnah’s picture in a public toilet and demanded that the picture of Jinnah, who broke India to pieces, be removed from AMU. After which the matter started heating up and its protest started.

BJP’s youth workers protested

Youth led by Bharatiya Janata Party’s Mandal spokesperson Shivang Tiwari protested for the removal of Jinnah’s picture. They raised slogans and protested by tearing Jinnah’s picture and demanded that Jinnah’s picture should be removed from Aligarh Muslim University. After this, the workers went to the Gandhi Park bus stand and put Jinnah’s picture in the public toilet.

The matter heated up after the photo went viral

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming to Aligarh on 14 September. Before this incident happened. The photo of Jinnah being photographed in a public toilet soon went viral and the matter started heating up. As soon as the administration came to know about this, they immediately got the photo removed and contacted the protesting students. But by late night, this matter had become a topic of discussion in the whole city.

letter written with blood three days ago

Youth led by BJP leader Shivang Tiwari had also protested against Jinnah’s picture on September 9 and wrote a letter in blood to the central government demanding that the picture of Jinnah be removed from AMU. After which the matter started heating up. At the same time, the administration had assured the youth that their demands would be conveyed to the government and their memorandum would also be sent to the central government. After which the youth again expressed their protest on Sunday.

Everyone was placed under house arrest, but the officers kept denying the incident

After the incident, all the youths were contacted by the police administration and they were kept under house arrest. Along with this, he was instructed not to leave his house till the PM’s program was completed. But any officer of the police or administration kept avoiding to give a statement in this regard. On talking to Gandhi Park SSI SP Singh about this, he told that he has no information about this and no complaint has come. He said that if any such incident happened, action would be taken as per rules.

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