Depression withstood celebs: Ranveer Singh was in depression after his friend committed suicide, besides these Bollywood celebs have also become victims of depression.

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  • Ranveer Singh Was In Depression After His Friend Committed Suicide, Apart From Him These Bollywood Celebs Have Also Become Victims Of Depression.

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Mental health awareness is being talked about openly after the increasing number of suicide cases in the country. Many Bollywood celebrities, including many people, have not only talked about it but have also been a victim of depression themselves. Let us know who have suffered depression-

Shahrukh Khan- Bollywood’s King Khan Shahrukh was a victim of depression in 2010. Shah Rukh himself told about this that Ravana was very upset after the shoulder injury after the film, due to which he became depressed. Shahrukh said about this-

“I went into depression mode due to shoulder injury and pain, but I have come out of it now. I feel happy, energy now.”

Anushka Sharma- Anushka Sharma with cheerful and jolly nature has also suffered depression. He himself spoke openly about this. The actress struggled hard to get out of it and eventually she won the battle. Anushka told her bad times-

“I have an enzyme and I am coping with it. I was doing medicine because of the enzyme. Why am I saying this? Because this is a normal thing. It is a biological problem. I have many cases of depression in my family as well . More and more people should talk about it openly. There is nothing to be embarrassed and hidden. If you have a stomachache then you will go to the doctor, it is very easy. I want to make it my mission to People should not feel ashamed of depression. I want to educate people about it. “

Varun Dhawan- Varun Dhawan was battling depression during the shooting of Badlapur, released in 2015. This had a profound impact on his mental health, after which Varun enlisted the help of a psychiatrist. Varun had said about this-

“I was depressed. I was not clinically declared depressed but I was going the same way. I was very depressed at one time. I would not like to use the word depression, because it is a serious problem. It caused my mental. Health was deeply affected. I also consulted doctors. “

Ranveer singh– Cheerful and funny Ranveer Singh has also been a victim of depression. A friend of Ranveer had posted on social media about suicide, that person had shot himself before anyone could help him. Ranveer was in shock due to this, after which he was depressed. A source close to Ranveer told a website-

“Ranveer never shows in his emotion public but people close to him, especially Deepika, know about it. Ranveer was very upset with the friend’s suicide. He regretted not doing anything. After that he also met a therapist . At this time Deepika supported her a lot. “

Karan Johar- Popular director Karan Johar has also fought a long battle against depression and anxiety. In an interview to NDTV, Karan told the story of getting out of depression which would help people like him to get out of it. Karan used to bear the burden of father Yash’s passing and never found any life partner in his life. Karan came to know about this from his therapist. Karan said about his depression-

“There was a time in my life when I was very depressed. When it happened to me, I felt like a cardiac arrest was coming. I felt the same way in the middle of a meeting. I was in the middle of that meeting immediately. I left and went to the doctor. Going to the psychologist, I came to know that I had some problems due to which I became a victim of anxiety. “

Hrithik Roshan– During the Everyday Heroes campaign, Hrithik Roshan spoke of being a victim of depression. The actor wants the people in depression to face it openly and it should not be an embarrassment. Hrithik said on this-

“There have been many ups and downs in my life. I have experienced depression and confusions. It’s a common thing. It should be very ordinary to talk about it. There have been many problems in my life. We all have many good and bad times. Go through and it’s important too. Sometimes our brain takes over and forces us to think something wrong. It’s just because we’re not aware. “

Ileana di Cruz- Ileana, who has made her mark in the South to Bollywood, was a victim of depression. She had trouble with her constantly increasing weight due to which she was depressed. The actress said about this-

“I used to sit in the corner and cry for hours. I think it is important for everyone to check themselves. Mental health is very important. Envy has been a big problem for me as well, but I think the biggest struggle is depression. Was. I have a body desmorphic disorder. I was not aware of this. When I talked to my doctor about this, he told about this disorder.

I used to get very upset before my body but later I realized that this is who I am. People we see on the cover of the magazine have their touch up hours, they are made perfect. Perfect body time shows in the magazine and that changes next year. So shall we change every year. There is nothing like a perfect body in the world. Just be yourself and be healthy. “

Deepika Padukone- Deepika Padukone, one of Bollywood’s best actresses, was the first celeb who spoke openly on depression. Deepika has also spoken about her depression in many public events. For this, the actress also runs the Live Love Laugh Foundation which helps depressed people. On his depression he said-

“I used to think this is stress, so I used to focus on work and stay in the crowd, distracting my attention. It helped me a little bit. But that bad feeling didn’t go away. My mother-in-law started falling short, I couldn’t concentrate anywhere. I used to get, sometimes I suddenly started crying. “

Neha Kakkar- Popular singer Neha Kakkar spoke to actor Himansh Kohli about his depression after the breakup through social media. Singer was also seen crying sadly on the sets of Indian Idol several times though he later also said that the cause of his depression was not the breakup.

Manisha Koirala- Actress Manisha Koirala had been in depression for a long time due to problems in her marriage. Later, with the help of the family, he got a chance to be happy again.


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