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‘Deserves To Be Experienced In Its Full Glory’: Hareesh Peradi Praises Malayalam Film Chaaver – News18

He added that the realism in the story will leave a lasting impression.

Hareesh also wrote that Chaaver is a heart-wrenching insight into the stench of raw human flesh.

Malayalam film Chaaver, directed by Tinu Pappachan, was released on the big screens on October 5 and received mixed to poor reviews. The audience opined that the storyline of the film is not engaging and the climax is also very weak, making it a total disappointment.

Actor Hareesh Peradi, however, had a different take on the film and wrote a lengthy Facebook note appreciating the film. One of the plus points of the film is the portrayal of a strong friendship between the character Raghavan Peruvannan and his companion. This is depicted through their touching dialogue. Raghavan Peruvannan’s voice resounded, “I won’t tell you the name of the person who broke your heart,” to which he responded, “Who are these people? Why?” According to Hareesh, these conversations have been received well by the audience. The actor mentioned that he could still hear the voices of characters depicted in Chaaver.

Hareesh wrote that Chaaver is a heart-wrenching insight into the stench of raw human flesh. He mentioned that the acting performances by Joyetta (Joy Mathew) and Tinu were exceptional. Hareesh added that the realism in the storyline will leave a lasting impression. “Even if you try to erase their faces, they remain etched in your memory. The hunt for excellence continues,” he wrote.

According to the Prathi Niraparadhiyaano actor, Chaaver can also be compared to the mental state of Samrat Ashoka, the last major emperor in the Mauryan dynasty of India. He didn’t grieve the loss of life before the Kalinga war. The lethal war with Kalinga transformed him into a stable and peaceful emperor, and he became a patron of Buddhism.

Hareesh further wrote that Kunchacko Boban, Arjun Ashokan and Anthony Varghese are the central characters in the film. It revolves around the political murders in Kannur, some wild-minded people and the bloody incidents in their life paths. Hareesh ended the note by writing, “Let me firmly state that the essence of humanity still resides within the hearts of Malayalis. Chaveer is a film that deserves to be experienced in its full glory by every Malayali family, making it a resounding success at the theatres.”

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