Desi Man’s ‘Out of This World’ Message to Get a Woman’s Attention Has Twitter Taking Notes

Desi Man’s ‘Out of This World’ Message to Get a Woman’s Attention Has Twitter Taking Notes (Photo Credits: Twitter/@Vaishnavioffl)

Recently, a Desi man’s approach to get the attention of a woman without sounding ‘creepy’ gained traction on social media.

Social media is rife with stories of people sliding into each other’s DMs, often with cheesy pickup lines or awkward icebreakers. However, a Desi man’s approach stood out from the rest when he caught the attention of a woman without sounding ‘creepy’. This simple act of genuine interest has left Twitter buzzing with admiration and taking note of his creative pickup line. The woman was impressed and took to social media to credit the man, inspiring others to follow suit.

After receiving an unexpected direct message on Instagram, user @Vaishnavioffl took to Twitter to share her surprising interaction. The message from a man informed her that someone was using her photos on an account. Intrigued, the woman responded with a question. The man then shared a link to NASA’s Instagram account, which featured otherworldly content, and smoothly followed up with a compliment, telling her she was ‘out of this world’. The woman, fascinated by his flirting skills, shared the screenshot on Twitter, praising the man for his impressive ‘rizz’. For those unfamiliar with the term, ‘rizz’ is a slang word that refers to a person’s skill in charming a potential romantic partner, especially through verbal communication

After their initial DM exchange, the man and woman continued to chat, with the man expressing regret for possibly causing her stress. He made it clear that his only intention was to get her attention and he didn’t expect anything more. The woman was impressed by his honesty and dubbed him a ‘king’, sharing their later conversation on social media to give credit ‘where it was due’.

The man’s “serious rizz” caught the attention of Twitter users, who were fascinated by his skill in charming the woman without coming across as creepy or sexist. Many users called him a ‘legend’, with one commenting, “these days there’s not many ways to compliment a woman that hard without being creepy/sexist. This one was not that bad”. Another user exclaimed “that boy got game” to express their admiration for his skills.

Indeed, the attention he deserved!

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