Despite the complaint, the officer became a mute spectator, people said – I am afraid to go out on the road. Officer became mute spectator despite complaint, people said – I am afraid to go out on the road

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The road leading from Bhadsar to Kasimabad, Vedvihari Pokhara of Ghazipur-Mau fourlane has become a cause of trouble for the commuters. Due to the bad condition of the road, even walking has become challenging for the people. Despite complaining several times, the officials of the concerned department did not pay any attention to the road.

It may be known that on this route about 11 km road from Bhadsar to Avisahan was built 2-3 years back. But, its plight in a few years clearly indicates corruption in the construction. Ramesh Bharti said that despite several complaints by the villagers, the officials did not solve their problems.

People said – potholes are giving invitation to accidents

Despite this, the condition of their roads remains pathetic. The local people have demanded the departmental officers to get the road constructed soon, so that the passersby on the road do not face any problem. Local Yogeshwar Rajbhar says that deep potholes in the road are constantly inviting accidents. In which two wheeler drivers are injured and big vehicles are getting damaged. The road has become a major problem for the commuters.

fills with water during the rainy season

Now, during the rainy season, water gets accumulated in the deep potholes made in the road. Whereas on the dry road the dust balloons keep flying. Told that this route is a very easy way to go to Kasimabad, Ballia and for the people from there to go to Banaras Azamgarh. Villagers around Bihra, Sultanpur, Chauraboj often pass through this road, but the pathetic condition of the road is no less than a trouble for the passers-by.

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